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"Take away our twenty most important people, and I tell you we would become an unimportant company."

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Your MVPs

We all recognize that organizations have most valuable performers (MVPs). They are certainly top performers – but more than that, they generate extraordinary results via new thinking, creative solutions, and superb teamwork. MVPS are the folks who are highly regarded both inside and outside your organization, are a pleasure to be associated with, and whose absence would be deeply felt by colleagues and clients.

The concept of having MVPs resonates very clearly with CEOs and senior executives. They get the unique value aspect of their MVPs, and want to know how to identify and differentiate MVPs, their value creators, from other Top Performers or Prima Donnas, who may diminish or destroy organizational value in how they generate results. This is a particularly energizing issue.

MVP Research worked with the CEOs and senior executives of more than 40 organizations to understand what makes an MVP unique. Surprisingly, the results of this primary research showed that the key people in an organization, those providing the most value, are the least understood in terms of how to best manage them.


The research also identified common traits across MVPs. This enables the identification, management and growth of your organization’s value creators, and the implementation of management approaches to prevent their loss.