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"I would die if these people left the business"


Retaining Your MVPs

The business leaders that we interviewed said metaphorically that, "We would die if these people left the business."

To retain their MVPs an organization must:

  • Identify their true MVPs, as opposed to top performers,stars, and prima donnas.
  • Understand the current state of satisfaction of each individual MVP with their role in the organization.
  • Inspect and align your MVPs with a manager or management style that allows the MVP to produce and grow. Our research shows that this is the most statistically significant factor affecting your ability to retain value creators.
  • Provide the MVP with challenges that support their individual development needs vs. grouping them into pre-defined development tracks.
  • Allow for flexibility.
  • Make sure that the total compensation of the MVP is appropriate to the value they create.
  • Recognize their accomplishments that go beyond standard performance-oriented rewards.
  • Encourage the MVP to stay.