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"This book is very insightful and practical. I would recommend it to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and anyone charged with HR responsibilities."

Robert J. Chalfin C.P.A., Esq., Lecturer in Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Application of Corporate MVP Research

Our client CEOs wanted the MVP concept applied at their companies to help identify the high level development needs of their very best people, and to begin to draw finer distinctions between value creators vs. prima donnas.

In response, we have developed and deployed a Web-based instrument that has been psychometrically validated as being reliable in its ability to identify individuals in organizations that “look” like the known MVPs that are in our research database.

The MVP Profile instrument captures the unique competencies and behaviors displayed by MVPs. It is used to identify your organization’s known and potential MVPs, and to provide insight on appropriate development activities for your best people.

Top executives and Human Resources leaders consider MVPs to be among their most critical assets, and it is imperative that this human capital be well maintained. Our applied research helps you advance these efforts.