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"MVP Research shows managers how to attract and motivate top performing people."

Peter S. Cohan,
Author of Value Leadership

Our Value

MVP Research Group supports our clients by:

  • Advising an organization's top leaders about the MVP construct and its application in the workforce.
  • Complementing existing leadership development and talent management efforts by identifying your MVPs.
  • Providing standard and customized MVP assessments, which offer a unique means for understanding your MVP and potential MVP population.
  • Working with your organization's executives and managers (individually or in a group) to create an Active MVP Management Plan that addresses a specific MVP's development needs.
  • Supporting those who are responsible for managing MVPs with the implementation and on-going use of Active MVP Management Plans.
  • Working directly with your MVPs (as requested by the manager and/or Human Resources) for coaching and consultation.

To learn more about how MVP Research can assist you in achieving your talent management goals, please contact us today.